On the road again

Wednesday 19th March 2008
In less than a couple of weeks we will be back with Modestine, travelling the byways of Europe. As usual we have no particularly precise plans, happy to follow where Luck may lead. Even our decision to make our way towards Greece is pure chance. Last week we bumped into a friend down beside the river Exe. She was just off to collect her boat moored in Corfu to sail around the Greek islands for a few weeks. We learned that the Greek Orthodox Easter takes place around 27th April and the thought of two lots of chocolate eggs instantly decided us which direction we would take!

We do not know how long we will be travelling this time but hope to return every few months to see friends and family and in particular to see how Deyvika, now four months old, is changing. Once again we have been fortunate in finding a friend to live in our house while we are away, feeding our fish and cutting our grass for us. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, getting everything in order and arranging Modestine's MOT and health check. Soon though, we will be crossing to Caen where Genevieve and her family and friends are already expecting us. We also have a dinner engagement arranged with friends Marie Francoise, Gaston and Odile. Soon after we will make our way across France to call briefly on Susanne and Roland in Champagne-sur-Loue, guaranteed to bring us much delight. The friendship of our French friends is always so warm that we have to drag ourselves reluctantly away. It would be so easy and pleasurable to linger on indefintely with them.

But Modestine is not to be hurried and it will take us several more days to get down to Ancona in Italy where we hope to find a ferry to carry us down the Adriatic, skirting Croatia and Albania, to Greece. Here Modestine is planning to meet up with her friend Erik, also from the Romahome stable, with his owners Lesley and David. So intrigued with our earlier travels were they that as soon as they retired they embarked on their own European adventure where since October they have been discovering the deserted campsites of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. On hearing we would be in Greece by Easter they have eagerly agreed to join us there.

So if you are happy to travel with us from your computer chair, we are delighted to have you as travelling companions. We hope you will enjoy the trip.